We Are Answer Driven

The emerging standard of care in oncology relies on answers.   Answers hidden in the molecular changes that shape the behavior of an individual patient’s cancer.   Answers needed to understand the driving mechanisms, and to select the course of care.

Molecular changes are easy to map, but answers require more.    It takes clinical professionals trained to translate the complex language of molecular change into answers.   And an advanced system that assures accuracy and precision.

Your patients deserve answers.   We are answer driven.

Advancing Genomic Medicine

Farsight Genome Systems is helping to re-invent diagnostic delivery for genomics-centered medicine. Our technology enables pathology laboratories to deliver sequencing-based testing as routinely as they now do PCR and FISH-based testing. Our system, Farsight Correo, has been designed for compatibility with today’s top commercial instruments, optimized for clinical laboratories that need easy-to-validate, sequencing-based test panels that can readily expand as clinical science advances.

We believe that every patient seeking treatment should have access to genomic testing and the benefit of genomics-guided treatment, with the counsel of knowledgeable, local clinical professionals.

Embedded Features in Farsight Correo

Ready to Run

The shortest path from sequencer output to validated, actionable results



Keeps You in Control

Medical-grade, built for the CLIA-compliant laboratory



Easy to Keep Current

Controlled expansion lets you add actionable variants to the Test Panel




HIPAA-compliant, built for sample-level traceability and tight version control



Actionable Clinical Reports

Intelligent results driven by data from the most reliable sources


Reports automatically generated for your review and sign-off

Accurate and Reproducible

Built on GRCh38, the most current and relevant Reference Genome

Easy to Trial

Cloud-based and
easy to trial

For the Pathology Laboratory


Your requesting physicians rely on you and your team to provide facts enabling an accurate and reliable diagnosis as they develop a treatment plan. Insights acquired through genomic testing are essential to developing a standard-of-care treatment plan.  Farsight Correo gives you the power to provide genomic insights.


Deliver clear genomic reports; automatically and effortlessly.


Farsight Correo builds on the skills and experience of your laboratory team.  Just as they do today, your laboratory team performs the wet laboratory work up on the patient sample.  Farsight Correo receives the information from the sequencer, converting it into an intelligent clinical report for your review, final interpretation and sign off.


Not yet running sequencing-based testing in your laboratory?  Farsight Genome Systems and our partners can provide an end-to-end solution to address the needs of your laboratory today, and will assist the laboratory’s transition to total independence, when desired by the Management Team


Your Laboratory and Farsight Correo, a great genomic team.


Want to Know More?

For the Requesting Physician


You partner with and rely on your laboratory team to gather facts and insights as you develop a treatment plan for your patient.  Insights acquired through genomic testing are essential to developing a standard-of-care treatment plan. Farsight Correo enables your laboratory team to promptly provide accurate and reliable genomic test reports, far surpassing any other data based system.


With Farsight Correo your laboratory can offer a variety of genomic test panels grounded in clinically-relevant data and linked to high-quality published findings.  Unlike others, Farsight Correo gives your laboratory the ability to augment the test panel with emerging genomic markers currently proven relevant to understanding your patient’s condition.


You, Your Laboratory and Farsight Correo, a great genomic team for your patient.

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On-label Biomarker/Genes for FDA-Approved Oncology Therapeutics

Oncology Drugs in Development


Percent Expected to Require a Biomarker

Active Oncology Clinical Trials in the United States

Fast Forward Precision Oncology

“Oncology is on fire with [personalized medicine], with treatment selections based on individual molecular characteristics.  This is also happening with chronic infectious diseases, and genetic diseases are not far behind.”


– Janet Woodcock, former Director Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Global Advances

Global advances evolve our understanding of molecular changes that affect treatment response.   Many of these advances find their way into guidelines and standard of care recommendations, with a growing impact on the laboratory.

Farsight offers laboratory customers the means to incorporate these advances into their existing cancer test panel, minimizing workflow disruption.

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